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Make BIGGER Impact.

Don't Overcomplicate Your Marketing

Simply Automate Your Online Marketing 

All You Have To Do is Just Show Up and Shine

We’ll handle all the CAMPAIGN Strategy, Funnel Designing, Automation and Copywriting For You
Does This Sound Like You?
You’re involved in every single task of your business and that takes up your entire day.

Yet, it doesn’t seem to really move the needle for you.
You’ve invested in ads and automation before but it didn’t work out.

Maybe because your previous agency/coach didn’t get you the results or you tried to do it yourself.
You know you have a great offer/expertise that could help millions.

But you still haven’t cracked how to get the attention of your ideal buyers.

WE GET IT... And We’re Here For You Now!

If you’re ready to fast track your online success WITHOUT wasting your precious TIME and MONEY by doing it ALL by yourself, CLICK the button below to schedule a call with me.
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There is NO One Size That Fits All

We’ve got you covered with these three options.
Pick what you like and leave the rest to us.

Funnel Audits

Fix Your Sales Funnel Every Quarter To Make Sure You’re Always Ready To Clock in More Revenue.

If you feel like you’ve got your business and online marketing under control but would like a little help steering the ship and fixing some broken parts, this is perfect for YOU!

I will perform Quarterly Audits of your Sales Funnel and give you a detailed review of where you’re doing good and highlight any gaps in your funnel.

Hire a Coach

If You’re a Hands On, Driven Entrepreneur Who Just Needs Guidance on Next Steps, This is For YOU.

However, there is an application process that you need to go through so we can confirm this is a good fit.

Once you make your way in, it will get super intensive in the beginning. So buckle up and be ready.

We’ll meet for 90 minutes every two weeks to brainstorm, review, challenge, support, and grow together.

Done For You

You Keep Focusing on Your BIG GOALS and My Team and I Will Take Care of the Backend.

If you’re looking to create a Kickass Marketing Ecosystem with all the systems and automation in place, this is the PERFECT Option for You.

Proven and Measurable ROI. Guaranteed!

If you’re looking to create a Kickass Marketing Ecosystem with all the systems and automation in place, this is the PERFECT Option for You.

Proven and Measurable ROI. Guaranteed!

My Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes the Most Ordinary Things Could Be Made Extraordinary By Doing Them With The Right People.”

- Elizabeth Green

It’s easy as one - two - three
3 Easy Steps


Where are your ideal customers hanging out?


What value can you offer them to start a conversation?


How are you keeping in touch with them so they remember you?

Who Is Connie J. Pak?

I’m an entrepreneur who’s pretty good at marketing. 

My passion is to help Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs simplify their marketing processes and help them scale their revenue generating activities. With more than a decade of being an entrepreneur myself, I understand the pain of changing marketing technology and strategies and having to wear many hats to grow and scale your business. 

My experiences as a real estate investor, having done more than $20 million in real estate transactions and coupled with my experience making more than $1 million on amazon sales, has allowed me to relate and connect with other entrepreneurs at the business to business level.

Now, as a marketing agency owner working with multiple 7 figure clients, I am able to see the gaps that newer businesses struggle with and the systems you have to have in place to truly start to scale your business and free your time to focus on your zone of genius.

Happy Clients. Happy Us.

"There are a million positive words that come to my head when I think back on the opportunities I've had to work with Connie, but I think it's best summarized by saying: Connie is awesome! She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet AND one of the smartest people I know when it comes to sales funnels and Facebook marketing. It's not just her expertise in all the in's and out's of setting up sales funnels and everything that goes along with it that makes her so good, it's the valuable insights she brings to a marketing campaign.

A lot of people that offer similar services are just delivering cookie cutter solutions and collecting a paycheck. Connie is exactly the opposite. She takes the time to understand your business, understand your goals, and actually think through all the possibilities to find the best strategy for success. If anyone I know needs a sales funnel, Connie Pak is the first person I send them to. No question about it!"

David, ID

"Connie and her team has helped us TRIPLE our online sales through Facebook and Funnels. As a company we exceeded our goals year after year.  Connie is beyond great…. where to start.
The ease of working with Connie is unbeatable. She is organized and her follow up is impeccable, and not in the way of creating more work for me.  She has a great team of talented people but as a business owner I only interact with Connie but I feel like I have a big marketing team supporting my business. 

She cares and gives insights to other areas of our business.  She shows through her actions that she cares about the company as a whole.    

Connie is genuine and she is just as excited as I am about hitting our milestones and reaching for new goals. If I could have a Connie in every department of my company I would."

Ty, OR

"When I think of Connie, one word comes to mind…


I can say first hand that she is someone that I can trust 100% in work and life.

In addition to trust, the word results also comes to mind.

Connie has consistently shown great innovation and leadership in digital marketing strategy, Facebook advertising, and project management and has repeatedly delivered amazing results to grow the businesses she works with.

In a world where it is hard to know who to turn to when you need trusted help to get the business results you’re looking for, you must work with Connie."

James, CA

"Connie has a great awareness about online marketing world today and builds complete systems to help business grow.

Her value shows up when creating a complete blueprint strategy to follow that is unique to each client and includes various system like:

The 3R's (Reactive, Recapture & Reach) This systems uses automated text, voice messaging and sending people to landing pages. Couple this with Facebook Ads and your off to the races!

I highly recommend Connie and her team, I have worked with them for almost 3 years and love what they bring to the table!"

Derek , CO

While our Google ads and organic marketing were strong, we were spinning our wheels on Facebook. We had problems with ad manager, problems getting the right kind of clicks, and most importantly, problems getting qualified leads on Facebook. 

Connie was able to simplify the approach for us. We had several meetings to identify our ideal customer, work up the creative for the ads, then target them specifically to our key demographics. She was also able to resolve our long standing, and irritating, problem with Facebook Ad Manager. We saw an almost immediate bump in leads received from Facebook, with an increase by over 400%.

Plus, the lead flow continues long term. Connie helped us secure consistent leads through Facebook, even when Google slows down. 100% yes, we would recommend Connie. Connie made the often maddening approach of generating leads for a home services contractor on Facebook extremely simple, and most importantly, effective.

We got rapid, and long-lasting results. 

Steve C., BWS

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