Don't Overcomplicate Your Marketing

Simply Automate Your Online Marketing 

Don't Overcomplicate Your Marketing

Simply Automate Your Online Marketing 

The Top 2 Ways Businesses Will 
Overcomplicate Their Marketing

The Top 2 Ways Businesses Will Overcomplicate Their Marketing

#1 Many businesses offer too many options and lack the proper follow up at every touch point to ensure leads become customers.  

Marketing Tip: A confused buyer will never buy and the Fortune is in the Follow Up 

#2 Many businesses believe the same sales process that worked for warm leads or referral leads will also work for cold leads.  

Marketing Tip: A cold lead needs 7 or more interactions to build that know, like and trust.  

Finding The Right Marketing Team Allows You To Scale Your Business Exponentially

Finding The Right Marketing Team Allows You To Increase Your Already-Successful Business By 10x

I have helped businesses level up their online marketing with simple automation through strategic planning and execution by focusing on TRAFFIC, FUNNELS and FOLLOW-UP as the core foundation of their marketing.

"There are a million positive words that come to my head when I think back on the opportunities I've had to work with Connie, but I think it's best summarized by saying: Connie is awesome! She's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet AND one of the smartest people I know when it comes to sales funnels and Facebook marketing. It's not just her expertise in all the in's and out's of setting up sales funnels and everything that goes along with it that makes her so good, it's the valuable insights she brings to a marketing campaign.

A lot of people that offer similar services are just delivering cookie cutter solutions and collecting a paycheck. Connie is exactly the opposite. She takes the time to understand your business, understand your goals, and actually think through all the possibilities to find the best strategy for success. If anyone I know needs a sales funnel, Connie Pak is the first person I send them to. No question about it!"

David, ID

"Connie and her team with Tuckdin Marketing have been a God send. In a world where there is so much to do as an entrepreneur, she has taken over my marketing and ran with it. Her ideas have been profitable and she has come up with funnels that I would never have thought about. Connie's team has created a great email follow up system because remember...the money is in the follow up.

Mondays are always a pleasure because that is the day that I get to liaise with Connie and we can bounce ideas off of each other to make my business that much better. She is an integral part of the #nostrawchallenge much so that she has taken over our second brand's marketing also!

Thank you to Connie and your team of marketing experts!"

Janis, CA

"When I think of Connie, one word comes to mind…


I can say first hand that she is someone that I can trust 100% in work and life.

In addition to trust, the word results also comes to mind.

Connie has consistently shown great innovation and leadership in digital marketing strategy, Facebook advertising, and project management and has repeatedly delivered amazing results to grow the businesses she works with.

In a world where it is hard to know who to turn to when you need trusted help to get the business results you’re looking for, you must work with Connie."

James, CA

"Connie has a great awareness about online marketing world today and builds complete systems to help business grow.

Her value shows up when creating a complete blueprint strategy to follow that is unique to each client and includes various system like:

The 3R's (Reactive, Recapture & Reach) This systems uses automated text, voice messaging and sending people to landing pages. Couple this with Facebook Ads and your off to the races!

I highly recommend Connie and her team, I have worked with them for almost 3 years and love what they bring to the table!"

Derek , CO

It's easy as one - two - three

3 Easy Steps


Where are your ideal customers hanging out?


What value can you offer them to start a conversation?


How are you keeping in touch with them so they remember you?

You have succeeded when all you really want is only what you really need 

Sometimes the Most Ordinary Things Could Be Made Extraordinary
Simply By Doing Them With The Right People.
-Elizabeth Green

You have succeeded when all you really 
want is only what you really need 

Sometimes the Most Ordinary Things Could Be Made Extraordinary
Simply By Doing Them With The Right People.
-Elizabeth Green

Finally, a MARKETING STRATEGIST who has already had several successful service and eCommerce businesses.

I'm a Marketing Strategist and I want to help business owners like you scale your business by simplifying your marketing. I have been a successful entrepreneur for more than 10 years and know the pains of keeping up with the changing marketing technology as well as your business.  

My experience as a real estate investor, having done more than $20 Million in real estate transactions and coupled with my experience making more than $1 million on Amazon sales, has allowed me to help others scale and grow their business.

I want to work with business owners who are serious about scaling their business and passionate about sharing their message with the world.
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